2014 Men’s Retreat “Gifts Beyond Compare” Oct. 31-Nov 2

For more information or to make your reservation, contact:

Nancy Lynch at Notre Dame Retreat House (394-5700)

Jack Muchler (732-2266, [email protected])

Dan Hilsdorf (3o5-7349)

Fr. Paul will join us for breakfast on Saturday!


“Gifts Beyond Compare”
This is the theme for 2014. The conferences will focus on the gifts we receive through
several of the sacraments. Grace is ours to receive through our sacramental life.
What a Gift!
Priesthood – join us as we delve into the history of priests and look at what our church
will look like without priests
Reconciliation/Anointing of the Sick – How do we receive forgiveness and how do we
forgive? How does Christ’s compassion fill us in times of illness?

Eucharist – The true meaning of Christ’s presence when we take communion and how

receiving the eucharist transforms and sustains us for life’s journey.


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