Wednesday October 15th at noon
Saturday October 18th after the 5:00 Mass
Sunday October 19th after the 10:30 Mass

D e a c o n D e n n i s Lohouse, who is a finance professional

when he is not being one of our parish deacons, will

be offering a seminar on techniques for giving to
your charitable interests.
Planned Giving is a set of ways a donor can leave
money/assets to a church or nonprofit at his/her
passing; or a way to invest money so that the donor
receives benefits during his/her life and then
bequeaths the remaining funds to the nonprofit.
Planned Giving is a complex program of various
financial instruments that can be adapted to each
donor’s needs.
Please join us at one of our sessions in the Parish
Center. These sessions are being offered as a
service to our parish and are not intended to be a
solicitation of any kind.

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