Parish Captains needed Rochester Catholic Men’s Conference May 16, 2015

Save the date!

Parish captains are needed!

If you are interested in being a parish captain for Saint Pius Tenth, please see Mike Mazzochetti, Bill Gustafson, Dan Hilsdorf or e-mail [email protected].

This is an easy way to to be involved, with a limited time commitment!

For more details on the conference, go to


A Parish Captain is the 1st point of contact for information for your parish.  You’ll be expected to disseminate all RCMC information in a variety of ways (see below).  You’re not expected to know all the answers, but to respond to all questions in a timely manner.  We’d like to have your name and picture on the RCMC web page.  We’re trying to get (2) Parish Captains per church (i.e. if a cluster has 3 churches, we’d like 6 ParishCaptains).  All the duties are before the conference, you are not expected to work at the conference itself (unless you want to!)

Among your specific duties are:

  1. Attend a training session in mid-January (date, time & place tbd)
  2. We hope to do all other communication via e-mail or phone; there are no plans for any other face to face meetings.
  3. Ensure that the informational postcards are distributed
  4. Display posters
  5. Give pulpit announcements on (2) Sundays at all masses (the text for the announcement will be supplied)
  6. We also recommend that on these Sundays you make yourselves available after every mass for men interested in more details
  7. Ensure bulletin announcements are placed in time (the schedule and text will be supplied to you)
  8. A ‘Save the Date’ the announcement
  9. (7) Conference reminders
  10. Assist men in registering, as needed.  There is an on-line and paper form registration.

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