At the time of publication of the Jan. 11
bulletin there is no new information concerning the
status of the church building or the cause of the fire.
We still have not been given to the go-ahead to start
any clean-up or reconstruction of the site. If you
would like to have your name added to the list of
volunteers to help when tasks/jobs become
available please call the Parish Office. We would like
to thank all those who have stepped forward thus far
– your dedication and willingness to help is an
Be advised that there is no active solicitation for
funds for restoration. Be wary of anyone who may
solicit you at your home or by phone to make a
donation – we do not want anyone taken advantage
of by a scam. If anyone does wish to donate please
advise them to send a check, made payable to St.
Pius X Church, directly to the Parish Office or put it in
the collection basket at Mass.

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