Greeting Ministry Launches! #GodWillProvide #WeArePius

We are excited to announce a new ministry at St. Pius X church! The Greeting Ministry is under way to welcome people to our church.

Greeting is so important that it is mentioned in the New Testament 21 times! 5 of those in Romans chapter 16. God devoted an entire chapter to Greeting!

Actually, “GREETING” is part of the “HOSPITALITY” ministry as discussed in the Bible. 1 Peter 4:9 says, “Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”

All people have an innate need to be RECOGNIZED, APPRECIATED, and VALUED! Especially in our culture when people are reduced to a nine-digit social security number, or a username and password, PEOPLE need to feel loved.

Jesus knew how to greet people! The Bible says that Jesus “Beholding him, he loved him” as he looked at a man. Just the way you look at someone can make that person feel loved or rejected! This is why our Greeting Ministry is so important as we “Reach to Restore All Things in Jesus Christ”!

We are looking for men, women, and children, young and young at heart to fill this vitally important ministry at St. Pius X.

Please contact Krista Brown at [email protected] or 585-889-3925 for more information and sign up to be a member of our Greeting Ministry!

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