Help needed – A/V Setup for weekend Masses #WeArePius

Is your talent technology? A/V multi-media?

We need your help! Each and every weekend, we need people who can assist our communications team in preparing the A/V equipment for broadcast in our worship space.

Available positions are:

  • Setup (Saturday)
  • Mass coverage (your choice of 5 PM, 8:30, 10:30*)

*10:30 Mass also tears down (about 1/2 hour after)

All training is provided!

This ministry is vital to maintain our worship space, and to provide respite for those who have been performing this valuable service since the beginning of January.

What’s in it for you?  A chance to make a difference in your parish, to make a difference in our Sunday experience, and to share the talents God has given you with your church community.

You’ll also get a sneak preview of upcoming technology that we are developing, and can earn service hours.  The 2/8/2015 Homily was recorded, and we’re working out the bugs as you read this.

For more information, comment on  this post or message the parish Facebook page, contact Tom Bowers (mobile 766-2296, email to [email protected]) or contact the parish office.

Thank you!

Communications Committee

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