Fishers of Men starts Saturday 9/5 “Becoming a Man After God’s Own Heart”

All men are welcome to join us Saturday morning at 7 AM in the School Cafeteria.

Becoming a Man after God’s own Heart considers man in his relationship to God.  It is modeled on the life of King David and follows his path from consecration as the King of Israel to serious sin (adultery and accomplice to murder) to repentance and transformation so that he becomes the only man in Scripture to be called “a man after God’s own heart.”

It focuses upon authentic male leadership.  It discovers four leadership roles that have been entrusted to men: moral leadership, military leadership, economic leadership and political leadership. It makes an honest assessment of the state of male leadership today and identifies the consequences of failed leadership.  It also clearly identifies the five personal traits that must be developed to fulfill authentic leadership: take personal responsibility for your actions, develop clarity of thought, maintain integrity of action, lay a foundation for the future and be willing to pay the price.

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