New volunteers train for A/V

Ever wonder how the camera is controlled  at Mass?  It’s an iPad. 

More volunteers are needed!  Do it as a family!



  1. Katie Butler

    On Mar 2, 2016

    As the usher for Saturday 5 pm — is there a possibility that I could be trained — just in case someone does not show up for this Mass? We need a backup.


  2. jlawniczak

    On Mar 2, 2016

    Yes Katie we always are looking for people who might be able to help! All that is really needed is a training session and the willingness to be able to help your fellow parishioners participate in the mass.

    I will be reaching out to you sometime in the next week to see if we can get you trained on the system.

    Again thank you very much for volunteering in what capacity you are able to!

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