New Rebuilding Website

Interested in the new design of the Church? Missed the the big reveal this weekend?

Go to our new website featuring artist renderings of our new church, floor plans, and information on how we came up with this design.

Check it out at


  1. Bill Rudnivki

    On Jun 19, 2016

    What type and where will lighting be placed. Not shown in schematic.

  2. jlawniczak

    On Jun 19, 2016

    Bill the drawings on the new website are all tentative and not schematics that might be given to a contractor. Currently we are still looking into the exact placement and type of lighting and similar furnishings.

  3. Pina Schott

    On Jun 19, 2016

    My hope is the statues that have survived the fire and are now on either side of the existing alter will be placed in the new church in a prominent place.

  4. Joe Somers

    On Jun 24, 2016

    The plans for the new church building look great. I like the layout and design. Great job.

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