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  1. thomas yehl

    On Mar 25, 2017

    Knowing our level of worth and being at peace with it is a gift that shines radiantly. Similarily, his confidence or level of self esteem was shown by the blind boy because he had to have been both verbally and physical abused throughout life but maintained self love. Even to the Elders he knew gift of self worth and was unafraid to express himself because he had just undergone a freeing experience.
    It seems all of us have undergone some level of ‘top of the mt. Experience but we forget that it was given to us by God. Yet we soon forget to return to that level of self love by sinning and forgetting that our God is a forgiving God. We do not have to earn his forgiveness and it is given to us thru confession, we have self love ,high esteem , a strength to endure in our next endeavors simply by asking for forgiveness.
    By not doing so we are kept in bondage by our low esteem, maybe because we like to wallow in self pity.
    My spirit is being newer ever week when I sing in our choir, even thou I never know very little music .Our director says that I have a lot of guts or bravery singing but I like to think it is my spirit flowing with love for the people who looking to free themselves of self bondage to their old ways.

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