Holy Grounds Cafe

The primary purpose of the Holy Grounds Cafe is to help fulfill and further reflect the scope and mission of Saint Pius Tenth:  Every day we reach to restore all things in Jesus Christ.

We aim to grow an active, spirited and engaged parish.

This will be accomplished if Holy Grounds Cafe:

  • Creates an environment for gathering and welcoming parishioners, representing all age groups
  • Gives parishioners a chance to spend a few quality minutes after Mass with friends and families in an atmosphere of fellowship and socialization
  • Provides an opportunity for further reflection and one-to-one discussion regarding the central themes and messages of the Sunday liturgy
  • Helps other parishioners to become more aware of the various SPX ministries and committees with the objective of getting them interested and involved
  • Expands (in the future) to become a free-standing community gathering place where Christian fellowship becomes a “brand” for the delivery of Joseph Sarto‘s message to the world: to restore all things in Christ

Pope Francis spoke about unity within the Catholic Church, stating we are all called to live as a holy, welcoming faith community centered on Christ, who is the very definition of communion and love.

How appropriate are those words! For in the spirit of restoring all things in Christ, which is our mission, we at St. Pius Tenth demonstrate our desire to be a welcoming, loving, unified parish, via the  Holy Grounds Cafe  in the quaint hallways outside the narthex.

There are food, refreshments, a fun activity for the children, and a chance for every family member to share friendship and fellowship.

Rather than rushing off after Mass, we hope everyone will spend a few moments sharing their life and love with other members of our Saint Pius Tenth family.  Meet someone new over a cup of coffee.

It’s a great way to take a few minutes from the daily grind!

All are welcome! Please join us each Sunday.

Hosted by parishioners, for parishioners!


Interested in volunteering at the Cafe?  Let us know your availability and we’ll sign you up.

You can also call Bob Pacer at 585-766-2530.

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