Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers (Ministers of Communion) are commissioned to assist in the distribution of the Holy Eucharist during Mass and also to the homebound and the sick.  Training is provided for any interested parishioner.

For more information, please contact Deacon Jim Briars at (585) 247-2566 x103.

Access the Eucharistic Minister Schedule:  Ministry Scheduler Pro

Eucharistic Minister Procedures:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before Mass on your assigned time and day.
  • If you are not assigned to serve, it will be helpful if you check to see if you are needed because someone may be away or late that day.
  • Sit any where you choose within the congregation. Your most important function is to pray – to be a full member of the assembly, modeling what full, active, participation should look like, for all the assembly.
  • At the Sign of Peace, offer a handshake to one or two other worshippers near you. Recall the meaning and purpose of this gesture as a preparation for Holy Communion. Then, immediately, walk with reverence to your place for receiving, prior to distribution. If a minister of the Blood of Christ, use the hand sanitizer, and take a purificator as you stand to receive.
  • Be singing the Lamb of God with the congregation as a good member of the assembly at prayer. Receive the Sacred Host on your open palm, one hand resting on the other. Be sure to respond with a faithful “Amen.” Receive the Blood of Christ when it is offered to you, if you choose, in faith. (Recall why the church encourages all to receive from the cup.)
  • When all have received the ciborium or the cup for distribution, proceed to your place reverently. Remember whom it is you carry! While distributing, keep your eyes on Christ and on the person receiving. Try to make a brief eye contact with the recipient before you give the host or cup.
  • Reverently announce: “The Body of Christ!” or “The Blood of Christ!” to the recipient. Do it with love and faith, in your heart, face, and voice.
  • When you have finished distributing in your place, look to see if any other place still has lines to the rear of the church. If so, move to assist them. If shorter lines, do not move to assist them.
  • Return the ciborium to the altar (not the tabernacle), where the priest or deacon will consolidate the left-over sacred hosts. Place chain in the basket at the credence table. Return to your seat as soon as you will not interfere with any communion line still coming forward.
  • Return cups to the credence table. Please be sure that the Blood of Christ is consumed from each cup. If possible, consume what is left in your cup, or ask another minister to help you do so. Place chain in the basket at the credence table. Return to your seat as soon as you will not interfere with a Communion line still coming forward.
  • Lastly, please dress appropriately for this ministry, keeping in mind the sacredness of being a Minister of the Holy Eucharist.