Through this ministry, God’s living Word continues to be proclaimed to His people. Persons who can speak distinctly and address the Assembly in a convincing manner are eligible to be lectors. Training is provided for any confirmed parishioner.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office at (585) 247-2566.

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Lectoring Procedures

  • Arrive 15 minutes early, sit in prayer in a rear pew, to prayerfully review the day’s texts, including the Prayers of Petition.
  • Your most important function is to pray – to be a full member of the assembly, modeling the proper participation for all present.
  • The Lectionary should be placed on the ambo, open to the proper page, before Mass begins, after you have reviewed it.
  • If a deacon is participating, you walk in procession with song book, singing, after the servers. As you arrive at the altar platform, bow, and walk to your seat.
  • If there is no deacon, you process carrying the Gospel Book, with both hands held high, to call the assembly’s attention to the Book, and to honor its special place within our worship.
  • Arriving at the altar, immediately ascend the platform to the rear side of the altar. Carefully stand the Gospel Book on the altar, slightly opened and upright, toward the rear center of the altar, then make a simple bow to the altar, and go to your seat the shortest way.
  • As the assembly seats itself after the Opening Prayer of the Mass, move with reverence and grace to the ambo. (Do not bow, going or coming.) Proclaim the first scripture reading loudly and slowly, remembering that the assembly needs to hear your voice, and yet be hearing God’s Word. At the end, announce the acclamation: “The Word of the Lord!” Remain standing in silence after the assembly’s response, meditating on what you have just read and heard. After a brief time, return to your seat without any bowing.
  • At the end of the Responsorial Psalm, return to the ambo for the second scripture reading with similar reverence. Again, after the concluding acclamation and response, remain standing at the ambo in silence, for a brief time. Then, return to your place, standing for the gospel acclamation.
  • If no deacon is participating, you will announce the intentions for the Prayer of the Faithful. As the Profession of Faith is ending, proceed to the ambo and be ready, without delay, to begin after the priest’s opening statement, or prayer. Read loudly and slowly, having checked any proper names before Mass. At the end of the petitions, remain at the ambo for the concluding prayer by the priest. Then return to your seat.
  • Receive Holy Communion as a member of the assembly, not in any special designated spot.
  • After the closing hymn is announced, you process only with the song book, open, and you singing. As the hymn begins, take your place at the foot of the altar step. Be there before the priest arrives there. Bow with him to the altar. You process out singing, behind the altar servers.