Men and women ushers help build a strong sense of community. They are responsible for greeting people, assisting them in being seated, taking up the collection, distributing parish bulletins, and handling emergencies that may occur during services. Ushers are the official hosts whenever this parish gathers to pray. Ushers greatly assist the Presider in extending the welcoming hand of Christ to ALL who come here.

For more information, please contact our Parish Office at (585) 247-2566.

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Lectoring Procedures

  • It is a great help if you arrive at least 15 minutes early fo mass, offer a brief prayer to ask God to help you do well in your ministry of hospitality that day.
  • Check in with the Head Usher for the mass to which you are assigned. (Offer your services to the Head Usher at any other mass for which you are present.) Be willing to change the door at which you greet people, if you are asked to do so. Receive information about any procedures unique to that day.
  • Your single most important function is to pray while you are in the church building, as part of the assembly. You do that by by the manner of your own personal participation in the mass, as you also serve the gathering and gathered assembly of God’s people.
  • Eye contact, as you offer a missalette, is vital to the ministry of welcoming someone. (To offer a missalette to someone while you are talking to someone else seems somewhat less than hospitable.)