Sunday Youth Nites

We offer a weekly gathering on Sunday nights, 6 -8 pm for youth in Grades 6 – 12.

Our young people are broken up into age groups, grades 6 & 7, grades 8 & 9 and grades 10-11-12.

Youth Nite is a place for young people to meet new friends and old, talk, play games, find what makes people tick and discover and strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

At Youth Nite your opinion will be respected and your viewpoint heard.  Every person works to make sure others are comfortable and welcome.  We have a lot of fun times, but we get into some pretty serious discussions : from war to dating & violence, to the crisis in the Church, there aren’t any issues that we are afraid to tackle. We learn from God’s word and the Church’s teaching and from each other too.



Grade 6 – 7
The Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers by St. Mary’s Press which provides a comprehensive program to foster the faith of young adolescents and help them make the connections between the Catholic faith, their everyday life, and their faith community, which will strengthen their Catholic identity and inspire them to participate more fully in the Church’s mission.
Grades 8 – 9  and Grades 10- 12
The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth by St. Mary’s Press which is an easy-to-understand and practical guide to all things Catholic. The handbook helps the young person gain the foundational catechesis to present him or herself as a Candidate for Confirmation at the end of 9th grade.

The primary focus of our curriculum is the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Four Pillars of Creed, Prayer, Sacraments and Morality.  This year we’ll be focusing on the regular Diocesan curriculum and AND we’ll be adding in some special lessons that focus on discipleship skills needed to be a follower of Christ in this day & age. Skills like making friends, how to deal with anger, courage, trusting God, developing a personal mission statement, all of these of course, are also great resiliency skills so that our young people develop a the skills to bounce back against adversity and have a group of trusted peers that they know have the same values.


Many of our 8th and 9th graders are getting ready to request the sacrament of confirmation so we have incorporated their learning modules into our regular Youth Nite curriculum. This year you’ll see us out stepping outside the box—and the classroom for special events. We will also be adding in some nights that have a great solid Catholic foundations and  but do it ways that are a little unconventional. All the age groups start with the same topic each night but the experienced and enthusiastic catechists guide their age group to more detail and deeper discussion for older groups.  All of our groups use active learning styles and help our young people learn, grow and create new friendships.



Each session will be include these components:

  • Gathering Activities
  • Learning experiences for each grade level for 6th & 7th and 8th & 9th grades and 10-12.
  • We will conclude evening with Community Prayer and time for games and hanging out together.

Young people will also be encouraged to participate in other crazy events like the Haunted Hayride, Hockey Games, Zombie night,  NCYC and more.


2017-18 Special Events

Oct 8 VerHulst Haunted Hayride

Oct 22 Dr. Dennis Boike talks to Parents & Teens about Standing against Bullies

Oct 29 All Saints Meeting @ St Pius X Cemetery

Jan 7  Ms Molly McGown works with Teens to create Personal Mission Statements

February 3 & 4 Souper-Bowl Donations at all Masses

February 11 Dating & Love with Battle of the Sexes games

March 16 XLT – a great night of fun and prayer

April 13, 14, 15 Parish Youth Retreat at Camp Stella Maris



Sunday Youth Nite Schedule 2017-18