Advent Calendars for 2023

During Advent we are busy preparing for Christmas,
the other aspect of Advent is to prepare our hearts for the return of
Jesus Christ!

The Advent Calendar is one ritual during this season to help us do so.

We have some that you can download
Link to Advent Calendar for Children
and a
Link to Advent Calendar for Adults

We also have 

Catholic Courier’s Advent Calendar

For Children:

For Adults:

More ways to prepare for Christmas:

Advent Wreath:  a wreath made of evergreens that is bound to a circle of wire.  The wreath holds four equally spaced candles, the three purple ones lit on the penitential Sundays and a pink one for Gaudete, the joyful third Sunday in Advent.

The Jesse Tree: tells about Christs ancestry through symbols and relates Scripture to salvation history,
progressing from creation to the birth of Christ. 

The Nativity Scene: when setting up the Christmas manger Mary and Joseph should be far off traveling, their approach to Bethlehem can be adjusted daily.

The Empty Manger:  when a family member does an act of service, sacrifice, or kindness in honor of Baby Jesus as a birthday present, the person receives a piece of straw to put into the manger, on Christmas morning, Baby Jesus is placed in the manger. 

Some blessings for your home: