Youth Online Resources

New Opportunities for Teens

This forced time apart has also opened new doors for teens to grow in faith.  Here are some virtual groups that are starting online for St Pius X teens. Groups will combine online presentations as well as zoom meetings and some at home prayer & reflection.  Minimum participation is 3 students per group. Registration links are on, Register for Events.

Prayer in PJ’s— daily zoom meeting for 5 min of quick prayer for one another and any needs we want to share. Time will be set by participants.

Regular Rosary—super quick pray together, learn a bit about Mary and her role in faith. Probably lunchtime.

Echo the Story—a creative Catholic Bible Experience focusing on the biblical narrative through storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue. Echo the Story 12 is an overview of the Bible, from creation to the formation of the church. Multiple sessions. 

Youth Engaged in Scripture– teens reflect on the Sunday’s scriptures, ever-ancient and ever-new exploring the ways that the Sunday readings, God’s word, is relevant in their lives. On-going, teens can enter group or leave at any time.

Catholic Youth & Prayer—explore a wide variety of prayer styles from the comfort of your home. 14 sessions but more could be added.

Email from God—teens sign up for a daily email from God. These emails are packed with guidance and assurance, every email will help you deal with the real issues of life. No online meeting. This is a devotional that is set up like an email and aimed at helping teens understand just how much God loves them.