Family Faith Thanksgiving Prayers

In November we reflected on how to take on an attitude of gratitude, and remembering that this is what why we gather every Sunday – to celebrate the Eucharist, which is Greek for “Giving Thanks.”

We decorated pumpkins with words of what/who we were Thankful for to be a Table Center Piece .

Created a Family Advent Calendar with daily gifts – physical gifts, or actions, or attitudes.

We also wrote Thanksgiving Prayers, here are some examples.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for our family, and all of the love they give.
Thank you for food, like our favorites: avocados, pasta and popcorn.
Thank you for our house, and the warmth and shelter it provides.
Thank you for water, and the life it gives us.
Thank you for material possessions, like clothes, blankets, toys, and T.V.
Thank you for nature, including sunshine, bees, trees, animals, and snow.
Thank you for fun, like Disney World, sports (lacrosse), school, books, and vacations.
Thank you for pets and friends, especially Freddie, Maddie and Luke.
Thank you for everything.

Bless us o Lord and these gifts that we are about to receive through you Christ our Lord Amen.

Thank you Lord for all of the amazing gifts and blessings that you have given us this year. We are grateful for: our health, home, family, food on our tables, and each other.
We thank you blessed lord.

Oh God,
Thank you for our family and daily needs,
also thank you for giving us money to get daily needs.
Thank you for giving us good health and strength
to get through the good and bad days.
Thank you for having a spot for us in heaven
and keeping us away from temptation.

Dear God,
Thank you for the blessing of this week.
As each day passes I will try to find
one or more things I am grateful for
and pause to say Thank You for that blessing and gift.

Dear God,
We give thanks for all our blessings.
We pray for those who have gone before us,
especially Giselda Navarro!
We give thanks for the food which we are about to receive.
Special thanks to all families
and we pray for continued health for all our loved ones!