Youth Ministry at St Pius Tenth

Youth Ministry

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” –1 Timothy 4:12

Because of the current CoVID-19 pandemic we don’t yet know what guidelines for gathered Faith Formation/Youth Ministry will look like this fall.
We are working with the Diocese, state, county and school to understand how our situation will evolve, please know that we are committed to assist your family to grow in faith and friendship here at St. Pius X.

In the past we have offered a Comprehensive approach to Youth Ministry please see the description below.

For now, we invite you to register for next year so that we can begin to order materials.
Please note that we may have to adjust how we meet in order to assure the health and safety of each person.
As the situation evolves and changes, we will be in touch with you and as always you may change your selection based on your family needs.
Click on this link to register with a Discounted Registration Fee in June and July 2020.

Sunday Youth Nite 2017-2018

What is Youth Ministry?

Simply put, Youth Ministry is the Church’s efforts to help each & every young parishioner grow personally & spiritually.

At St Pius X our main focus for youth is Sunday Youth Nites which focuses on learning about faith and integrating life & faith (catechesis) for grades 6 through 12 divided into age-appropriate groups.

The curriculum for Sunday Youth Nites incorporates skills for Catholic living in the 21st century, an opportunity for young people to witness faith to one another as well as preparation for young people to receive the sacrament of Confirmation which begins at 8th grade. To find out more about the sacrament of Confirmation, click here.

In addition to Sunday Youth Nites we offer a robust CYO Soccer and Basketball program and a bi-annual Pilgrimage group to the National Catholic Youth Conference.

St Pius X young people work to build the kingdom of God through service to our community through the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy .  Read more about our Service and Social Justice opportunities here.

Our newly forming Teen Leadership Team meets monthly growing in skills and planning events for teens here in the parish.  Think you’re too young to serve?  Think again!   All 6th through 12th graders welcome. Young leaders will learn skills and work on tasks at their own grade level. Younger leaders may learn how to help manage small groups while older leaders will help plan Youth Nite sessions or youth retreats.

Keep up to date with our regular Youth E-Dates!  Parents & others who want to keep up with all the opportunities for young people at St Pius Tenth and around our Diocese can sign up for regular email updates. E-Dates come out about once a week except during school vacations.  Check out earlier issues of the Youth E-dates here.  To get Youth E-Dates sent to you each week email [email protected]

We actively participate in Diocesan activities and we offer special events like retreats, service and social justice opportunities as well as many leadership opportunities for middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults.

Comprehensive Youth Ministry is the idea that ALL Kids are Our Kids. As members of the faith community we need to welcome and support each child of God we encounter, whether they come to church all the time, often or not at all.

“…We must offer young people a spiritually challenging and world-shaping vision that meets their hunger for the chance to participate in a worthy adventure.”  (USCCB, Renewing the Vision – A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, 1997)

A Comprehensive Approach to Youth Ministry

    • The comprehensive model helps to integrate diverse activities into a larger framework that is goal directed.
    • The comprehensive model gives concrete things the congregation can do to make a lasting difference for youth.
    • The focus broadens from youth-only to building intergenerational community.
    • Everyone in the congregation recognizes his or her responsibility for children and youth—and his or her power to promote their faith growth.
    • Parents are active partners in the youth ministry through family activities at home and in the parish, and through parent education.
    • Energy is put into nurturing skills and values that help avoid problems before they start.
    • Congregations become committed to cooperating with others in the community.
    • The youth ministry leader also serves as a community organizer, networker and voice for the youth in the community.

FOCUS:  The emphasis is on positive youth development and the parish community is a rich resource where there are a variety of approaches and programs available to teens and their families.

  • Youth Ministry Core Team consists of 3-4 adults and 4-5 youth who gather 4 times per year to assist planning teams and in volunteer recruitment and evaluate current ministry endeavors.
  • Retreat Team volunteers are comprised of adults who assist the Retreat Director with cooking, facilitating small groups, sharing wisdom in large group settings, and chaperoning.  Retreat teams will meet 3-4 times prior to each retreat.   Volunteers may choose to assist in one retreat or more!
  • Leadership Team exists to learn leadership skills, put those skills to use by planning and executing several different events for youth in the parish. Events include but are not limited to Retreats, Youth Nites, Lock-ins etc
  • The purpose of the CYO Advisory Team is to coordinate Soccer and Basketball programs at St. Pius X Church with the assistance of the Director of Youth Ministry. Five to seven adults meet monthly to coordinate CYO sports.
Youth Ministry cannot happen without the dedication and support of the good people of our parish.  If you’re interested in helping out shoot me an email at [email protected] and we’ll talk!