Young Adults

                             ST. PIUS X YOUNG ADULT GATHERINGS

In light of the pandemic, and the weather,
St. Pius X Young Adult (18-39)  are gathering with the help of ZOOM,
the first and the third Thursday of the Month, 7 – 8:30 p.m
Please contact Deacon Johan Engström for more information:
[email protected]

Thursday, November 19 – Cooking and Baking with Friends
In preparation for the Holidays we will be Cooking/Baking in our own kitchens and sharing our recipes to enhance the Season.
Contact Deacon Johan for ZOOM login.

Thursday, November 5 – Fatima. 
We are using the movie as a spring board for discussion and learning.
Contact Deacon Johan for ZOOM login.

Thursday, September 17— Bonfire, Smores and Planning .
Gathering at the fire pit by the pond for fellowship and planning.
We provide fire – you bring smores fixings.

Click on the image for the Diocesan Weekly Young Adult Newsletter “Growing in Faith Together”

Topics this past year were:
Called & Gifted
– a look at a discernment process that helps Christians discern the presence of charisms, spiritual gifts, in their lives.
Deacons –
Why do we have them? Where did it come from? What is their function?
Parking Lots and Patrons— we hosted a diocesan gathering where we shared information about St. Pius X, both the saint and the parish

ZOOM Nights—
we gathered online during the lockdown.
Game night
—We brought games and hung out for some fellowship
Christmas Caroling —We went out in one of the local neighborhoods.

Christmas Cards—Creating cards for pediatric hospital units and nursing homes
Panel of members from Religious Orders:
Basilian Fathers, Carmelite Fathers, Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of St. Joseph. 
Speakers will share about religious order life.
Prayer for the Deceased
with the Parish.
—Background About Rosary
& Ways To Pray the Rosary
Liturgy of the Hours
What is it? How, When & Where do we Pray it?
Field Trip to Sacred Heart Cathedral

Holy Days of Obligation
Why are they? What are they? How do they impact our lives?
Service – creating care bags for Homeless Ministry.
Catholic Social Teachings – what are they? Why do we serve?

Grilling with God
Gather for Evening Prayer, Fellowship & Bonfire. S’mores provided.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Open discussion with Father Paul Bonacci, Pastor of St. Pius X, about the Sacrament.

Service – Pumpkin Painting
Painting pumpkins and donating them to a local group home as decorations.