Young Adults

                             ST. PIUS X YOUNG ADULTS

St. Pius X Young Adult (18-39) invites you
Saturday, April 13 after the 4 pm Mass,
about 5:30 PM in our Parish Center
for Prayer and planning of future gatherings here at Saint Pius X.
Please contact Bill Stilson, [email protected] or (585)500-6079 for more information.

If you have questions please contact Deacon Johan Engström: [email protected]

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Prayer and Pizza

Smores Night by the Fire Pit next to the Pond

May the 4th Be With You:
a look at the spiritual connections with the original  ”Star Wars Movie”

Another Look at Traditional Catholic Prayers: Background & Development

Holy Thursday Mass –
after Mass we visited three churches to pray

St. PatrickExploring Truth & Legend

A Look at Lenten Practices

Background of Traditional Catholic Prayers with seminarian David Cataline

Rosary Making

Christmas Caroling @ Rochester Center for Rehab & Nursing

Making Christmas Cards for residents at Rochester Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing

Planning for Advent + Winter Service Opportunity

Diocesan Be A Witness Young Adult Mass 

Rosary and Pumpkin Painting

Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction.

Theology on Tap -A discussion on Eucharistic Revival with Fr Paul Bonacci

Theology on Tap – “Faith, Religious Groups and Societal influences around Jesus’ time.”
Dcn. Dennis Lohouse, In light of the series “Chosen”, an evening to understand who the Pharisees and Sadducees were and what they believed, how they tried to change the society they lived in, how they interacted with Jesus, and why the teachings of Jesus were a challenge to them? 

Chosen – watched an episode and talked about it afterwards.

Theology on Tap – Holy Days of Obligations. What are they? Why are they?
Don Smith, Diocesan Coordinator of Sacramental Catechesis & Family Life, joined us to talk about Holy Days.

Kickball with Mary & An Episode of “Chosen”
Kickball on the Front Lawn and in to the Parish Center to watch “Chosen”

“Imitation of Christ” by Thomas à Kempis
A conversation about chapters from the book.

Bonfire, Smores and Planning 
We met by the Fire Pit (until the rain motivated us to move under cover, and watch the fire from a distance …)

Rosary Prayer Walk
We met by Statue of Mary on the Front Lawn, walked around our campus praying with Rosary Reflections for the Poor.

The Acts Board Game
In The Acts, you take on the role of disciples in the early church.
Starting in Judea, you can spread throughout the Roman Empire, sharing the gospel in the goal of saving souls. 

Synod Discussion  – 
we spent an evening to discuss the synod questions and submit our input to help “create a bright resourcefulness”

A look at Lent with Don Smith, who is the Diocesan Coordinator of Sacramental Catechesis & Family Life.
The evening was a look at different practices in the history of our Church and to share how we can enhance our spirituality by Preparing for the celebration of Christ overcoming death and giving us eternal life.

Young Adult Game Night–
Different games were brought and played.

Respect Life Month Rosary Making.
We made Rosaries and pray a Rosary for Life.

Christmas Caroling 
We went to a local Nursing Home and spread some cheer.

Christmas Cards—
We brought boxes of Christmas Cards in which we wrote messages for people at Nursing Homes, Hospitals and/or Shelters.

 “Then and Now of Advent” with Don Smith, who is the Diocesan Coordinator of Sacramental Catechesis & Family Life.
The evening was a look at different practices in the history of our Church and to share how we can enhance our spirituality by Preparing for the celebration of the birth and return of Christ.

Reflection on violence in the community &
a conversation how can we help bring peace/respond in our faith

Kickball with Mary & Out door Movie night – Prince of Egypt
We played Kickball on the Front Lawn –

Mary was our Team Prayer Manager

Then we watched The Prince of Egypt
while reflecting on How God Leads Us

Campfires, Hymns, and S‘mores oh My
We gathered by the Fire Pit for Singing and Fellowship

SPX Young Adults at the Movies – Risen
at Cinemark Tinseltown USA

Lord of the Rings 
Watched one of the movies before each gathering,
at our gatherings we discussed the faith connections we found.

Virtual Evening of Reflection
Theme: Living our Faith in the Secular World during the Pandemic.
Facilitator: Damien O’Connor, Sr. Dir. Evangelization and Faith Formation for the Knights of Columbus.

Cooking and Baking with Friends
In preparation for the Holidays we will be Cooking/Baking in our own kitchens and sharing our recipes to enhance the Season.
Contact Deacon Johan for ZOOM login.

Christmas Caroling at Nursing Home

We are using the movie as a spring board for discussion and learning.
Contact Deacon Johan for ZOOM login.

Bonfire, Smores and Planning .
Gathering at the fire pit by the pond for fellowship and planning.
We provide fire – you bring smores fixings.

Called & Gifted – a look at a discernment process that helps Christians discern the presence of charisms, spiritual gifts, in their lives.
Deacons –
Why do we have them? Where did it come from? What is their function?
Parking Lots and Patrons— we hosted a diocesan gathering where we shared information about St. Pius X, both the saint and the parish

ZOOM Nights—
we gathered online during the lockdown.
Game night
—We brought games and hung out for some fellowship
Christmas Caroling —We went out in one of the local neighborhoods.

Christmas Cards—Creating cards for pediatric hospital units and nursing homes
Panel of members from Religious Orders:
Basilian Fathers, Carmelite Fathers, Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of St. Joseph. 
Speakers will share about religious order life.
Prayer for the Deceased
with the Parish.
—Background About Rosary
& Ways To Pray the Rosary
Liturgy of the Hours
What is it? How, When & Where do we Pray it?
Field Trip to Sacred Heart Cathedral

Holy Days of Obligation
Why are they? What are they? How do they impact our lives?
Service – creating care bags for Homeless Ministry.
Catholic Social Teachings – what are they? Why do we serve?

Grilling with God
Gather for Evening Prayer, Fellowship & Bonfire. S’mores provided.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Open discussion with Father Paul Bonacci, Pastor of St. Pius X, about the Sacrament.

Service – Pumpkin Painting
Painting pumpkins and donating them to a local group home as decorations.