Youth Service



Rochester Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

Cards for Creekview every month we are collecting greeting cards to give to the residents of Creekview Nursing and Rehab Center. 

From May to August we will be collecting generic, signed BIRTHDAY CARDS from our parishioners to the residents for the Staff to give to residents who may otherwise not have any recognition of their special day. Cards can be dropped off in the narthex of Church OR brought to the Parish Office OR any In-Person event

St Pius Tenth is happy to provide opportunities which help to form our young people to lead an active Christian lifestyle recognizing that full initiation as a Catholic challenges all of us to service as a way of life.

Opportunities for the development and sharing of individual gifts and talents are important to the Confirmation process and for all young people.  These opportunities are provided both within the context of parish ministries, i.e. lector, musician, catechist, as well as in the service to the poor, elderly, and disadvantaged.

In order for service projects to be viewed as more than simple requirements to earn a stated number of hours, they need to be well planned. Time should be given in preparation and dialogue beforehand as well as in discussing the outcomes and implications after the projects occur.

St Pius X young parishioners are invited to participate in a wide variety of service projects some annual and some are one time events.  Service projects focus on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Do you need Service Hours to fulfill a school requirement?  Check out our list!  Possible Places for Service Events 07-21

Service Events in our through our Parish: Christmas Caroling, Campus Clean up 1st weekend in October, Set up for Christmas Sale, St Pius X Flea Market, St Pius X Country Fair, St Pius Volunteer Gala, Summer Fun Event for Children.

Service Events Outside our Parish: Atria Senior Living Community, Bethany House (cleaning), Bethany House (monthly prayer services) Cardboard Campout, Painting rooms at Notre Dame Retreat House, SWEM Food Baskets, Soup-erBowl of Caring, St Michael’s Woodshop, Women’s Place (shelter for women & children), Veterans Day Apple Pie Baking, Homeless Outreach Initiative through Blessed Sacrament Church.

Service Event Discussion Questions

Before Service Event

  1. What is the event/project?
  2. Why did you sign up for this event/project?
  3. What do you expect to happen or what do you expect to be doing?
  4. Take note of how you feel before the event. Are you feeling uneasy or are you feeling excited?
  5. What do you think about the idea that we, as Catholic Christians should take part in service projects?
  6. What kinds of strengths or talents do you expect to bring to this project?

After Service Event

  1. Where your expectations met at this event/project?   Was there anything that surprised you?
  2. Describe one or two of the most memorable people you encountered.
  3. Has anything changed in your attitude about service from the beginning of the program to this time?
  4. Evaluate your effectiveness, on a scale of 1-5 did you feel a sense of responsibility and usefulness serving the community?
  5. List one personal strength and one personal weakness you discovered about yourself while participating in this program (for example – were you surprised at how good you were at talking to strangers or helping people?).
  6. Tell one way you experienced God’s presence through your work or the people you served.
  7. As Catholic Christians we are called to serve our sisters and brothers and called to participate in the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. What is the difference between helping out at home, in a sport we enjoy or in the classroom and participating in Works of Mercy?
  8. Why do you think this is an important part of being Catholic?