CYO Sports Soccer & Basketball

Please Note: We are very happy to welcome Matt Carroll as the new Coordinator of Sports for the Diocese of Rochester!  We are holding off on communicating details about the Fall Soccer season or the Winter Basketball season until after we have introductory Athletic Director meetings in August.   Thank you for your patience!

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CYO means Catholic Youth Organization and at St Pius X we are happy to use the Sports Medicine for the Soul curriculum and the Prayers for Athletes on the Hallow app.

This curriculum endorsed by the Diocese of Rochester for both gym classes and CYO programs. Each week teams will focus on a scripture and a value like having a strong character, positive attitude, respect, confidence, integrity, mental strength, good sportsmanship, healthy choices and more. We’re happy to be offering this and several more resources to our teams!

You can check out the full program here: Sports Medicine for the Soul


St. Pius X is committed to offering CYO sports opportunities to children regardless of financial status.  Finances should not prevent a child from participating.  If there is a financial hardship, please contact Barb Legere at [email protected] to discuss arrangements.