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CYO Sports Soccer & Basketball

CYO Sports Soccer & Basketball

Are you interested in playing CYO sports in the 2018-2019 season?

Registration for the 2018-2019 Basketball Season is now closed.

CYO Sports is a community building aspect of St. Pius Tenth Ministry with Youth and Children, for those in grades 3 through 12. We provide our parishioners, who worship here and learn about their faith through our catholic school or faith formation/youth ministry program as well as catholic junior and senior high schools, opportunities to grow in faith and friendship through healthy athletic activities. There are no try outs for any level of CYO, including High School.

The two sports that we participate in are soccer and basketball.


St Pius Tenth CYO Mission Statement:

The mission of the St. Pius Tenth CYO sports is to provide the highest quality programs to our young people. We are committed to providing these programs based on integrity, dignity, fair play, and the right of all team members to be valued. Our responsibility as role models is to influence and grow the young people spiritually, mentally, physically, morally, in sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, equality, life and athletic skills. The players, coaches, parents, Advisory Board, and parents will consistently demonstrate Catholic values and Christian behavior by word and example, work toward both team and personal goals, and honor the game through respect for the CYO sports program, team, opponents and officials, plus preferably be a practicing Roman Catholic. Player’s fun and learning are more important than winning.

Please remember to register for your Catholic school or parish faith formation/youth ministry program first so you are learning and growing in your faith.


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All of our CYO Sports programs are linked to the  Diocese of Rochester CYO Sports

Thank you for your interest!