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2020 Registration Information

Hello St. Pius CYO Families, 

We hope you and your family continue to be safe and well. We, and Barb Legere, our Director of Youth Ministry and Athletic Director, continues to pray every day for you and all of the members of the St. Pius CYO community. 

The St. Pius CYO Advisory Board has received updated information from the Diocese of Rochester (DOR):

The following message is from the DOR’s Coordinator of Sports: “The CYO Soccer season will be canceled for the Fall with the possibility of playing in the Spring. More information will be given at a later time. For CYO Basketball, we are delaying the start of the season to January. Again, more information will be given at a later time on all the details (dates teams can start to practice, dates for games, health guidelines, etc).” 

That said, players can continue to register for CYO Basketball. Once we have additional information, we will share it with everyone who is registered. Families do not pay at this time. Payment will be taken at a later date. Registration consists of gathering all of the information we need to plan for the season (uniform sizes, ensuring we have enough coaches, determining the number of teams we’ll have at each level, etc.). Once we have the go-ahead from DOR, we will need all of this information in place. Also, at the time that payment is due, you will have the ability to instead opt-out of playing, if you are not comfortable with moving forward in the program. 

If you are interested in playing, registering now is still important. Our normal Team Formation rules will still apply: priority in registration is given to returning parishioners, followed by new parishioners, then returning non-parishioners, and finally new non-parishioners. The order in which registrations are received plays a role in who may have a spot and who may not have a spot. At this point, we do not have any information if a DOR or Parish decision for fewer teams or smaller team sizes may be required, due to less gym time availability. That is another important factor to keep in mind. At this time, we are assuming that the DOR mandate that teams be composed of a minimum of 2/3 parishioners and that parishioners are given priority registration is still in place.

The St. Pius CYO Advisory Board continues to meet about safety issues, logistics, season planning, and all of the other details that need to be determined for a return to CYO. 

Continued prayers for you, and we ask for your continued prayers for us.

The St. Pius X CYO Advisory Board


The St. Pius CYO Advisory Board has met several times since March to discuss the upcoming CYO season and determine a plan of action. Here is what we have.

1.       On Monday, June 22, registration will open. Families can register their players for soccer (3rd-6th Grade) and/or basketball (3rd-12th Grade). After completing the registration form, you will not pay at this time.

2.       At some point in the future, after it is determined that there will be a season, then we will e-mail a link to registered players to make a payment. At that point, a family can decide that they do not wish to have their child(ren) participate (and simply not pay). If a family decides that they still want to participate, they can make a payment to complete their registration.

In recent years, we had pricing based on when participants registered. However, for this year only, we are simplifying our pricing model due to so many unknowns. As always, we want every player to have the ability to play, regardless of a family’s financial situation. If you are unsure of your ability to pay, please still register!

Sport / Grade LevelAnticipated Maximum Price
3rd/4th and 5th/6th Grade Basketball (boys and girls)$100
7th/8th Grade Basketball (boys and girls)$125
J.V. and Varsity Basketball$150
Soccer – 3rd/4th and 5th/6th Grade (co-ed)$60
Follow this link to register:
This form will open on Monday, June 22
Check out the Soccer FAQs
Check out the Basketball FAQs

Insights from the St. Pius CYO Advisory Board (these are our insights and not the insights of the Diocese of Rochester)

–       The Diocese’s Director or Sports is on furlough until mid-July, so getting definitive answers to any questions will not be possible until at least that point. We have not received any messages or guidance from the Diocese at this point (this is being written on June 12)

–       The decisions regarding a soccer program (late-August, September, October) and a basketball program (October –-March) may be made separately by the Diocese of Rochester. It is possible that one may happen while the other may not.

–       CYO and SPX rules for Team Formation still apply. See the FAQs on the website for details.

–       If additional new rules and guidelines from NYS or the Diocese of Rochester are issued, we will adhere to the new policies.

–       We are collecting player’s full registration details at this time (uniform sizes, etc.), so that we can begin planning for the season and are ready to go when given clearance to do so.