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Youth Ministry E-Dates



E-Dates are sent regularly to parents of young people enrolled in the Faith Formation/Youth Ministry programs at Saint Pius Tenth.  E-Dates always have a link to the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel readings with a reflection for teens or families and keep parents informed about Sunday Youth Nite topics and any special arrangements for the upcoming Youth Nite.  They might contain requests for help from other parish organizations or include an offer for free tickets to baseball games!  E-Dates will have the links parents need to sign up for events and programs and will have the latest information on programs that pertain to young people.

November 8 Youth E-Date


November 1st Youth E-Date

October 24 Youth E-Date

October 18 Youth E-Date

October 11th Youth E-Date

October 4th Youth E-Date

September 28th Youth E-Date

September 20th Youth E-Date

September 13th Youth E-Date

September 6th Youth E-Date

August 23rd Youth E-Date

August 19th Youth E-Date