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Holy Grounds Cafe

In case you missed the announcements at Mass this weekend……


HolyGroundsLogo  Just this past week, Pope Francis spoke about unity within the Catholic Church, stating we are all called to live as a holy, welcoming faith community centered on Christ, who is the very definition of communion and love.How appropriate are those words! For in the spirit of restoring all things in Christ, which is our mission, we at St. Pius Tenth hope to demonstrate our desire to be a welcoming, loving, unified parish, via the new Holy Grounds Cafe.Beginning next week, September 7th after the Sunday masses, our first Holy Grounds Café will take place in the quaint hallways outside the narthex.

There will be food, refreshments, a fun activity for the children, and a chance for every family member to share friendship and fellowship.

So rather than rushing off after next week’s Mass to get on with our lives, we hope everyone will plan on spending a few additional moments after mass sharing their life and love with others. It’s a great way to take a few minutes from the daily grind!
All are welcome! Please join us next Sunday for the ground-breaking of the new Holy Grounds Café. Hosted by parishioners, for parishioners!